A brief description of the IP address and MAC address and their difference. MAC Address is a serial number assigned to each Ethernet adapter. An Ethernet connection usually consists of a router, a network switch or a bridge that is connected to a network of computers, networks or a local area network. In other words, an Ethernet connection consists of two independent devices that are networked together through a network of cables, routers and switches.

MAC has two distinct functions that are useful in data transmission. The first is that it is the device responsible for sending and receiving data packets that have been generated by the computer. This data is sent to the computer by means of the Ethernet cable. The second function of MAC address is to provide the identification of the particular network interface of the computer.

For example, an Ethernet network consists of a router and several computers that use the same Ethernet cable to connect to the central server. All these computers share the same physical network connection. However, their IP addresses are different. The MAC address of these computers are different and they are identified as a single logical entity. That means that when the Ethernet cable is used to send a message to a router or an Ethernet switching unit, the Ethernet network does not know about the source and destination of the data packets. Rather, the router will assign a unique MAC address for each Ethernet port.

The MAC is the only identifying information that an Ethernet network can use. This is because an Ethernet cable can only carry data that has been properly masked by the MAC. This is because Ethernet has different protocols associated with it, which need to be implemented in order to have this attribute. This attribute is needed because the MAC uses its own security to block unauthorized access to data. This is done in the form of the hash field that is used for the MAC authentication. You might also want to read about jio ip address and

What More?

There are two types of MACs that are available for use in an IP network. The first is referred to as the “static MAC”. It is a static address that does not change during any operation that is performed on the network. It remains the same from the time it is assigned and until it is overwritten. The second type is the “dynamic MAC” which changes periodically when the MAC address.

MAC is important to the functioning of the Ethernet network, because it allows the Ethernet network to be protected. From the risks that come from unauthorized access and eavesdropping. This protection comes from the security provided by the MAC. When the MAC is tampered with, then this security is compromised and there is the risk that the network is vulnerable to any unauthorized person accessing the data transmitted through the network. If they have the capability to access the network, they can read all the data that passes through the network and thus the network becomes ineffective. It is therefore important that the MAC stays intact so that it can provide protection against unauthorized access.

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JioFi has taken the internet’s world. It’s quicker, easier, as well as providers that are cheaper than some other community. Keep a track of your own JioFi accounts by checking your data balance. This is how you are able to run your JioFi data utilization on-the-go to be tracked by JioFi data check.

check data balance in jiofi

Check Data Balance in JioFi Devices

Method 1: How to check JioFi Data Usage via the JioFi Site?

Follow the following steps for your JioFi data test or to look over your JioFi information utilization.

  1. Open the Jio site and click the’Sign In’ choice on the top-right to look at your JioFi information utilization.
  2. Log in to your Jio accounts using a password or OTP.
  3. After logging in, you will understand that your Reliance Jio data on top. Scroll down to look at the Jio program validity.
  4. Click the Programs’ alternative. In the base, you will notice the date of the expiry of your Jio program.
  5. From the Record’ alternative, you can bring in a statement of your information intake, and any fees levied on it.

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Method 2: How to check JioFi Data Usage via the JioFi App?

  1. Download the’MyJio’s program from the play shop. Start the program and then log in using a SIM or password confirmation.
  2. The moment you start the program, you’ll discover data on top. If you never did some top upward and continue to be on Jio Summer Surprise or Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Provide, your JioFi data use may appear as’Nil’.
  3. Open the menu by swiping right in the left border to look at your JioFi data utilization program and validity.
  4. After assessing the JioFi information use, click the Programs’ choice to observe if the validity of this active plan along with your Jio Prime membership ends to remain in the loop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. What is the Easiest Way to check JioFi Data Usage?

The easiest way to check JioFi data use and also to perform a JioFi data check is by way of the’MyJio’ program. It is.

#2. Could I check the JioFi data utilization without removing the sim card in the dongle?

Yes, you are able to check the JioFi data utilization in addition to JioFi data check without taking away the sim card.

#3. Can I the JioFi balance test on a browser?
Yes, you will need the browser to get into the Jio site or program for understanding the JioFi data utilization, and also to conduct the JioFi data check too.

#4. What to do when I don’t have any JioFi data use data?

In case you don’t have data, then you are going to need to connect your device to a hotspot or Wi-Fi so which you are able to get into the Jio site or program to update your own JioFi Data Usage data.


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WhatsApp is the most commonly used messaging application along with Viber and Line. It offers unlimited text and video messaging for free. Further, this allows you to send media files such as pictures and videos to other people. Thus, this has been one of the primary modes of communication nowadays. 

If you’re new to WhatsApp, you might wonder how you can add someone to your friend list. So, we made this article to help you get more people on your contacts. Read on to find out how you can do this.


Add Contacts on WhatsApp

For you to be able to communicate with other person, you have to add them to your list. It’s easy because WhatsApp sync your phone number with their application. So, whatever number is saved on your mobile device will be reflected on the messaging app. 

  1. To add a new contact, save the contact’s name and number on your device just as how you normally do.
    • For international numbers, save the number on the international format such that it begins in + followed by the country code.
  1. Next, download WhatsApp on your mobile device or open the application if you have it. 
  2. Proceed to the Chats tab.
  3. After that, click on the new chat icon and go to More Options. 
  4. Finally, hit the Refresh button to sync your contact number. 

In case you don’t see your contacts on WhatsApp, you have to check the following:

  • From your Settings, make sure that you allow WhatsApp to access your phone’s contact. If such is disabled, you have to enable it and re-do steps 2 to 5.
  • If you already allow access and you still cannot see your phone number, it might be because of the settings of your phonebook. So, check if your contact is ‘visible’ or ‘viewable.’

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A simple guide for beginners on how to use WhatsApp.

And that’s it! You can enjoy messaging your friends, family, or colleagues in WhatsApp.

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